Tomorrow’s Bluegrass Stars Meet and Greet at the Southern Ohio Indoor Music Festival March 29-30, 2019

Joe Mullins has graciously given us 45 minutes of stage time to open his Festival Friday March 29th 2019. He has asked us to find as many talented young musicians to take the stage to open the Southern Ohio Indoor Music Festival (The Largest in the Area) We still have a limited number of slots for youngsters to perform there! Contact Larry Smith via our TBS Facebook page if you are interested! In addition he will provide us with a free booth in the vendor area to, have youth jamming and to offer a instrument “Petting Zoo” for us to show both youngsters and adults who have never held a Bluegrass instrument to get their feet wet! Let’s keep Bluegrass alive! He will also offer us time in the GHS String Jam room just for folks under 21 and I will try to get some of the Adult artist to spend some time with us, like they did at this past IBMA in Raleigh,NC. This is not limited to TBS members but we will be spearheading the effort there! For info on the Southern Indoor Music Festival CLICK HERE!