Sarah Church


Sarah Church, the harmony singer, mandolin player and hand held percussionist of the group , is in fact the twin sister of Savannah Church. For several years now, she has sung alongside her sister and added the most beautiful angelic harmony often spoken of as “blood harmony”.  She is quiet and soft spoken in nature but her singing is strong willed and precisely in pitch perfect sync with sister Savannah. She also sings lead vocal on many of their stage show song selections. Her lead vocals are first showcased on the pairs second album "There's You" with a rendition of the popular Claire Lynch song "My name is Judas." She has a very tender and kind personality making it easy to fall in love with her. Her accomplishments also stretch across a lengthy distance as her sister Savannah's, for they have been experiencing everything together thus far.  Sarah is a very important part of this gift from GOD and wishes to continue on by her sister’s side as long as it’s in the Lord’s will. She enjoys making crafts of all types and has a very creative personality. Activities she enjoys include biking, walking, and anything involving water related activities on The New River in Galax Va.