Luke Montegomery



"Luke Montgomery is one of the promising players and singers I have ever come across. He gets it. I am certain that if he chooses to, he will be a force in this music in the next decade." - Clay Hess

My name is Luke Montgomery. I'm a 19 year old* bluegrass/Gospel singer songwriter from West Alexandria, Ohio. I grew up playing Gospel music in the local church I have attended my entire life. At about the age of six, I started on mandolin and about the time I turned seven, I got a guitar. Then, not too long after I turned eight, my dad bought me a banjo, which is the instrument I mostly play. About the time I turned fifteen, I went to my first bluegrass festival. It was a festival in Wilmington, Ohio organized by one of my heroes, Joe Mullins, who also runs a local radio station in Xenia, Ohio. After that first festival, I couldn't get enough. I have since shared the stage with many of my idols and I am beyond blessed and thankful for that! The rest is history.